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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Clarendon Vets Spring 2021 Newsletter

Looking After Your New Pet

Thinking of adding a new pet to your family this Spring? We’ve put together a check-list of things to do! Once you have your new arrival, please arrange to let us check them over and ensure they are fit and well.

COVID-19 And Early Socialisation

The early experiences a puppy or kitten has of people and their surroundings has a huge impact on their behaviour and personality for the rest of their life. When considering a new pet, it’s really important to make sure the breeder or rescue centre has fully socialised them – it could save you a lot of problems in the future.

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Lungworm Awareness

The warmer Spring weather provides the perfect opportunity for Lungworm to spread ever more widely throughout the UK and Ireland. Lungworm (or Angiostrongylus Vasorum), is a parasite affecting dogs and foxes.

Read more to see how important it is to be aware of lungworm.

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